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Ainslie icons [05 May 2006|01:35pm]
[mood| Ecstatic ]

8 ainslie icons:

1. 4.

the rest are behind the cutCollapse )

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Woo [19 Sep 2005|10:15pm]

[ mood | excited ]

Hey people! Just found this journal, am hugely excited! My love for Ainslie has never faded, and I'm so glad there are others who are keeping his name remembered!! Thank you all soo much for all the info, as I am ashamed to say I have become a bit lax in keeping updated on Ainslie recently. I so want to go and see the last september live, as Edinburgh's only about a hundred miles away, but we shall see... Just a question - how do you ask them for a CD? Checked the website but could't find anything... Any help appreciated! Keep up the fab work, and thanks again! WOO!

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new ainslie pictures. [18 Jun 2005|02:27am]

[ mood | okay ]

some new ainslie pictures gigging with the last september from the yahoo ainslie music website.

the hair! dodgy.

ahh i miss him
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[25 May 2005|09:45pm]

Hey peoples,

Just to let anyone know who is interested that there's a 30 sec clip of a song sung by Jason Mraz (whoever he is) on his website, the song was co-written with Ainslie! <3 It sounds like such a nice song...

You can listen to it here - http://www.jasonmraz.com/mra-z/ It's called Clockwatching.

It has an Ainslie vibe to it, for sure, and the lyrics are very Ainslie as well (I bet he wrote most of them!)... and even weirder the guy kind of sounds like Ainslie, but not as husky, or as good of course. It'd be better if our Ains was singing it *sniff* but oh well.

Ok, go listen!

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[13 May 2005|03:39pm]

Hehe, Ive no real reason for doing this, I just figured seen as there's not a lot of great excitement to report of Ainslie at the moment that Id do a mini picspam just to be sure he's not forgotten ^_^

AinslieCollapse )
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Nothing too interesting but... [24 Apr 2005|06:33pm]

Hey guys, this isn't anything interesting I'm just letting you know that I'm not a new member, I've just changed my name. I was a_certain_smile but I've changed journals.

Has anybody sent off for the The Last September album? I was going to but I keep forgetting. If you go onto their website there's a contact address, if you send them a self-addressed envelope they will send you a copy ... how cool is that? Free stuff is always good. Shame Ains isn't even on it though because it was recorded before he joined.

I'm gonna send off for one this week I think. Knowing my luck they are all out of copies...
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Introductory Post... [07 Apr 2005|09:37am]

[ mood | jubilant ]

I know there aren't a lot of people watching this, and I don't expect there to be, really- but I figure just to get us going we may as well introduce ourselves...

So, if you'd comment on this post and tell 'us' a little about yourself, any Ainslie-related anecdotes you might be able to relay... Whatever. Make yourselves at home. <3

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For the love of Ainslie... [06 Apr 2005|09:27am]


Welcome, and spread the love...

Please, post this on your journal (minus the *'s): <*img src*="http://kellar.users.digital*-crocus.com/ainsliebanner.jpg*">
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[04 Apr 2005|01:20am]

Hey :)

I just joined, I was googling something about Ainslie and squirrels and your page came up! lol. Does anybody still post here? The last Ainslie community I was in on here closed down.. boo, I don't think I ever saw anyone post in there too.

Okay, that's all. Hopefully people are still alive and will come and chat!

What do you think of Ainslie's new band?
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